Story development & film production

"Uden Filter, Tak"

'... A revealing and insightful documentary exploring social stagnation and responsibilties within the danish society... Documentary footage and research is based on interviews with academical students, teachers, external companies etc. Its also focuses on the political aganda, HR ethics, EU resources and much more!

Inspirational sources:  Günter Wallraff  and Ib Makwarth

Dur:  8x20 min.

Genre: Documentary, Voxpop, Cross-over media.

"White Continental"

'... A Professor takes on a quest to save the Earth's natural resources and rescue its residents before a delusional Villian eliminates a small modernized society...'

Dur:  125 min.

Genre: Action/Political/ Thriller

"Vow of Silence"

'... If you Once lost Love, there is only one place to search for it ... Tuscany! '

Dur:  110 min.

Genre: Suspense/Thriller